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Gemological manipulation detection

This may include treatments, geographic origin, laser-drill holes, removed laser inscriptions, re-cuts specially to hide true dimensions of a previous report, colour-coatings etc.

Chemical manipulations of jade and jadeite objects

A-, B-, C-Type and artificial ageing through acid, bleaching, burial, staining etc.

Detection of forgeries and manipulations

Resetting and switching / replacement of stones, false signatures, out of place alloys, fake provenance, objects made of combined sources.

Detailed condition reports

An independent and unbiased report which can be given to an auction house or dealer. This report will disclose all possible repairs or defects detected.

Jewellery Profiling

If a case of stolen jewellery is recovered, a tentative profile may be made of the owner. In some cases pieces can even be traced back to a certain goldsmith, dealer or shop. Together with partner laboratories even the type of hand cream, soap and DNA may be extracted.

Fraud and theft prevention

A truly comprehensive report is made with all possible details including macro photography of the piece, microphotography of the inclusions for a Gem-ID Report together with several types of spectroscopy and UV / IR photography in order to heighten the chances of recovery.

Jewellery screening before purchase

If you would like to buy a highly valued object, either from a dealer or an auction house, and want to be sure that the jewellery offered is genuine and as described, a discreet inspection may be carried out on your behalf.

Detection of simulants sealed in diamond blisters

By means of Raman spectroscopy (laser) I am able to detect a fake stone in a blister pack without opening it.